Kesa Swachh Bharat… Kahe ka Swachh Bharat कैसा स्वच्छ भारत… काहे का स्वच्छ भारत

No no, these are not my words. I heard these words from a rickshaw puller in New Delhi.
Before writing this post, I have searched about:

  • What is Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
  • Objective of this campaign
  • Investment in this campaign
  • Role of public (आम आदमी ) in this campaign, etc..

I would like to clarify that the purpose of this post is not to do criticise of any single person, the group of persons, or not any organization/government. I just thought so wrote here.


These all things came to my mind when I was at New Delhi Railway station. A man was doing urinate in front of the main gate of the railway station. This is the main railway station of CAPITAL of India. This spot was also in front of the gate of  DMRC: Airport Express Line. People do travel via this metro for reaching International Airport. In short, this is the main place where tons of people travel on every hour.

Infront of NDLS

I was shocked, why this guy is doing this here? As I can see toilet only 50 meters far. I went there and asked about it. My conversation was like this:

Me: Kya hero, bahut jor se lagi thi kya.. yahi shuru ho gya?

He: Nahi bhayia, jor se to nahi..

Me: fir yaha kyo.. wo samne toilet me kyo nahi gya?

He: are sahab, waha jane ki hamari aukat nahi.. sab yahi kerte hai..

Me: abe police pakad legi.. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan nahi janta

(I was surprised at that moment. My feeling was like, as I asked him to go in any Five star Hotel)

I went in a washroom and found, The charge of doing pee, was 5 rupees. I understood the words of that rickshaw guy then.

Delhi Metro Station

On an average, healthy adults urinate eight to ten times a day.

It means 5 x 10 = 50 rupees on an average per day. A cycle rickshaw puller earns approx 300 to 400 rupees in a day.According to this calculation, 12.5% of daily income a man should spend only for pee ?????  I don’t think

According to this calculation, 12.5% of daily income a man should spend only for pee ?????  I don’t think so, a poor man can do.

I am not educated, I don’t know, which government is running here? who is responsible for cleaning of the city, I don’t know Who is AAP, who is MCD, Who is BJP.

Then I moved to UP Agra.  Same thing here too. On Inter State Bus Terminals (Agra’s largest bus depo) We have to pay 5 rupees for using the washroom.

I traveled to Maharashtra, West Bengal, Haryana, Chandigarh and almost all places, I found, we have to pay some amount for urinating in a public toilet.

I also found some place where washroom charge was free. But trust me, you can’t stand there for a single second.

I am not sure, why the government is taking Swatch Bharat Cess (now merged in other tax). This tax is only for TV advertise, Roadside hoarding, making a beautiful logo with Gandhi ji’s spects, An effective ads from top Bollywood celebrities. ????

In reality, a rich man and middle-class man can make this Swatch Bharat campaign successful because they can go in Malls, McDonald’s, Restaurant etc. But a poor man is not allowed in this rich places.

A man like riksha puller, how can survive in India, if he will pay approx 10-12 % of daily income. In this case, seems this type of Campaign is good only on paper, TV, social media etc. Because I have taken these photos in front of the main gate of the railway station of Delhi, the main gate of Metro station. If these famous, heavy crowded, important places are not clean then we can assume the situation of other places like a village, street, small towns.

Instead of creating the logo, painting on a roadside, advertisements by Brand name. if the government make all toilet charge free, clean and well maintained then people can make this campaign more successful. If DMRC increases the charge of the metro by 1 paisa per ticket and allows toilet free then no will do toilet outside of stations instead of the washroom.

Digital India Vs. Clean India

On almost every railway station, we find the free Wifi with high speed. We can use the internet without paying any single penny. We can enjoy Facebook, youtube, etc etc.  But We can’t stand there due to heavy dirty rail tracks.

I think, a human man can stand on railway station without Wifi or any internet but cannot stand due to the dirty view of the track, heavy stink. I have captured this picture on the railway station. This was when a cleaner man cleaned the track. I cannot show the picture before cleaning here.

I have shared my all thoughts, which were running in my mind since a long time. I am pretty sure, some people will relate this with specific person 😀 But I am not against of any person 😉 Just thought so shared……

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